Fluorocarbon is one of the UK’s largest fluoropolymer processors, operating from 3 manufacturing sites: 2 in the UK and 1 in Europe, sales offices in Europe and the USA and partners globally, we aim to offer our customers high quality, cost effective solutions.

Fluorocarbon specialises in the manufacture of complex machined components, PTFE seals, slide bearings, skidway systems and high-performance coatings.

With over 50 years of experience and customers who are worldwide market leaders, we ensure our products and services are focused on meeting their increasing demands.

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July 2020

A common problem with structures can be that due to a result of thermal, seismic, or differential force, the structure can end up moving. To counter this movement Slide Bearings are introduced into the structure.

PTFE Slide bearings operate at high loads and low speeds, and it is under these conditions the self-lubricating properties of PTFE are at a maximum.

The standard design of a slide bearing is one that consists of two pads of PTFE sliding against each other.  However, there are occasions when very high-pressure is involved that only a single pad of PTFE is used to counter face a polished stainless-steel plate...