Fluorocarbon is one of the UK’s largest fluoropolymer processors, operating from 3 manufacturing sites: 2 in the UK and 1 in Europe, sales offices in Europe and the USA and partners globally, we aim to offer our customers high quality, cost effective solutions.

Fluorocarbon specialises in the manufacture of complex machined components, PTFE seals, slide bearings, skidway systems and high-performance coatings.

With over 50 years of experience and customers who are worldwide market leaders, we ensure our products and services are focused on meeting their increasing demands.

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May 2022

This September, the Fluorocarbon Group of companies celebrates its 60th anniversary.

We are extremely grateful to our customers and suppliers who enabled us to provide world-class services and products. Your requirements, challenges and feedback have pushed us with our continuous development and for this we are sincerely thankful.

Our success story would be incomplete without your support, thank you!

March 2022

The Wind Energy Industry continues to find new ways to increase the lifetime and reliability of wind turbines.

As wind energy moves to larger, lighter-weight turbines located in harsh and remote locations, service life and reliability have grown increasingly more important.

Engineers rely on excellent sealing solutions so that there is no need for maintenance too frequently, after all, machines are only as good as their parts are and sometimes even the smallest of components tend to have the largest influence on the lifespan and reliability of the entire system.