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Environmental Policy

At Fluorocarbon we continuously seek to improve environmental performance.

From the stages of product design through manufacturing, use and recycling, we strive to minimise any potential impact on employees, customers, the general public and the natural environment by complying with all relevant legislation.

To implement this policy we will:

  • Develop guidelines and codes of practice to assist in the implementation of this policy
  • Maintain monitoring programmes to ensure ongoing compliance with relevant legislations and seek to exceed minimum standards
  • In the absence of legislation, implement cost-effective site specific programmes to minimize energy and risks to individuals and the environment by identifying potentially hazardous situations
  • Raise awareness and encourage participation from all employees in environmental matters
  • Liaise with the local community
  • Reduce the use of all raw materials, pollution, emissions, chemical and packaging waste
  • Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors
  • Review for the Board of Directors, on a regular basis, company performance with respect to environmental matters

Fluorocarbon regards environmental issues amongst the highest priorities. This policy is implemented companywide and senior management takes full responsibility for its implementation. 


Environmental Guidance

The following notes have been established to support our environmental policy.

Materials Usage

We control our materials usage and processing techniques to create the minimum of wastage by recycling wherever practical

  • We save and send fluoropolymer waste material for recycling
  • All packaging materials received into the company are reused wherever possible
  • Waste that cannot be reused is recycled where the facilities are available
  • Current recycling initiatives include PTFE, metals, wood, and cardboard which are all collected for recycling by outside contractors to minimize impact on landfill
  • All other waste including solvents, oils, strip lights and batteries are disposed of through recognised contractors in line with current legislation
  • All office paper waste and aluminum drink cans are collected for recycling

 Energy Consumption

 The Company follows a policy of minimising its energy consumption. This is achieved by:

  • Regular maintenance and replacement of ovens, heating equipment etc
  • Switching off heating when not required and keeping temperatures at appropriate levels
  • Energy efficient lighting is being fitted to most factory areas and new capital equipment is selected for its energy efficiency

Water Use

We minimise our water consumption by using techniques such as employing re-circulating water for process cooling wherever possible.

Emissions To Air

Emissions released by our various production processes are regulated by the appropriate local authority and are subject to UK & EU legislation. 

In order to comply the Company follows the best possible design recommendations for the height and design of chimneys and exhaust ducts and has invested in zero emission degreasing plant and equipment.

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