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A guide to Machining PEEK

August 2021

Used in hostile environments, PEEK is a high strength alternative to ferrous materials. It exhibits very low smoke and toxic gas emissions whilst carrying a V-0 flammability rating.

PCTFE Cryogenic Seals for LNG Loading Arms

July 2021

Cryogenic sealing involving liquid nitrogen can be quite challenging, but certainly not impossible thanks to materials such as PCTFE that offer good thermal stability, good chemical resistance, very good physical properties.

Materials for seals

May 2021

Seals allow a mechanical assembly to both function freely whilst also retaining fluid, so a material that is flexible enough to assist with fluid retention and strong enough to withstand the wear load of the mating parts is essential.

Polyamide vs Polyimide

April 2021

Polyamides and polyimides are two types of compounds that often get confused due to their similar names. However, they are very different from each other in chemical properties as well as mechanical properties.

What are the benefits of annealing?

April 2021

The annealing process involves heating the material to just above its glass transition temperature for a period of time and then allowing it to cool back down so the material can relax. This process relieves internal stresses that can potentially lead to cracking, wearing or degradation of the material.

A guide to Machining PTFE

March 2021

When machining PTFE it’s essential to design your application with PTFE’s inherent properties in mind, it can be difficult to achieve tight machining tolerances.

At Fluorocarbon, we utilise our in house compression moulding capabilities to create stock shapes for efficient machining of custom PTFE parts.