We manufacture an extensive range of hose assemblies for numerous industrial applications including:

  • Smoothbore Braided
  • Convoluted Hoses
  • Chlorine Hoses
  • Vent Hoses

All type of standard end fittings are available along with bespoke as required.


With exceptional characteristics, Fluoroline® PTFE hose assemblies are utilised in a wide range of industries such as the Chemical, Aerospace and Automotive.

Applications include:

  • Motor vehicle fuel and oil delivery and drainage systems
  • Spray painting
  • Refrigeration
  • Motor vehicle air conditioning units
  • Brake calliper hose for motorsports and high-performance cars
  • Fuel Tank Systems
  • Transfer of corrosive low-pressure gases

Smoothbore Braided Hose

Manufactured to rigorous quality standards, this provides outstanding strength and reliability without detriment to flexibility. The hose has low volumetric expansion assuring immediate response to system pressure changes.

  • Size range: 1/8" - 1" diameter.
  • Fluoroline® hose is over-braided with hard-drawn Stainless Steel to AISI 304.
  • High duty tubing is available in PTFE, PFA, FEP, PVDF and ETFE (Tefzel®).
  • Other braiding materials are available on request.

PTFE Convoluted Hose

Designed for flexibility these open pitched hoses are available fully convoluted or smoothbore convoluted.

  • Size range 3/8" - 1" diameter
  • Available as single braided or un-braided in hard drawn stainless steel to AISI 304.
  • Other braided materials are available on request.


Hose Properties
Wide temperature range Continuous satisfactory service at -75°c to +230°c
Outstanding chemical resistance Unaffected by almost all known chemicals. Completely resistant to dilute or concentrated acids, caustics, hot lacquers, solvents, fuels, oils, oxidising agents, gases, foods and drugs
Resistance to steam erosion Provides long life and leak-proof operation to 250psi steam pressure (17 bars).
Flexibility Flexibility is not impaired during long life at high or low temperature.
Economy in service Considerable saving in replacement and maintenance costs can be achieved when hose is used to replace other materials.
Shelf life Unlimited for all practical purposes.


PTFE Generator Hose

Fluorocarbon manufactures a wide range of hoses for hydrogen/water-cooled turbine generators.  The stator winding circuits are directly cooled by de-ionised water which is supplied from a distribution header via flexible PTFE hoses.

Generator hose assemblies typically comprise unbraided thick-wall PTFE tubing with stainless steel or phosphor bronze fittings swaged on each end.  The PTFE hose is formed into specific shapes to fit the generator. 

 Our Service

  • Smooth bore PTFE tubing, providing low resistance to flow
  • Available in virgin and black pigmented PTFE
  • Minimum design life of 25 years
  • PTFE processed for maximum flex life
  • Bespoke hoses manufactured to customer specification
  • Standard and custom fittings available in non-magnetic stainless steel and phosphor bronze
  • Hoses permanently formed into specific shapes to suit the generator profile
  • Available in lengths up to 6m
  • Resistivity: >10₁₇ Ohm (10 to the power 17) (virgin PTFE)


Fluorocarbon operate a Quality Management System to ISO9001:2015 and offer the following:

  • In process material testing
  • Internal & external pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Vibration testing
  • 100% final product inspection
  • Full QA documentation and traceability