Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & Pharmaceutical

At Fluorocarbon, our variety of high purity and chemical resistant components are developed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of sensitive medical device applications.

Half the medical devices manufactured today are made from fluoropolymer, this is due to its lightweight, transparent, flexible and biocompatible properties. 

These superior characteristics offers a variety of improved performance capabilities such as:

  • Critical operating temperature
  • Chemical contact & resistance
  • Single use sterilisation compared to repeated sterilisation
  • Resistance to high temperature, impact, chemical
  • Good strength, toughness and hardness
  • High purity

PEEK is commonly used in reusable medical components, including dental syringes, keyhole surgery devices, disposable surgical instruments and implants. PTFE is commonly used in implants and microfiltration membranes.

Product examples

  • High-performance seals
  • Gaskets
  • X-ray and MRI parts
  • Bellows
  • Top moulding
  • Base moulding
  • Zippets
  • Surgical handles/grips
  • Sterilisation trays
  • Diagnostic systems
  • Ventilators

Material Examples

Material and Description FL Number Material and Description FL Number
PTFE - Virgin FL100 PTFE - FDA Compliant FL549
PTFE - Graphite filled FL123 PEEK - Virgin FL350
PTFE - Bronze filled FL141 PFA FL305
PTFE - Carbon filled FL156 PCTFE - Virgin FL325
PTFE - Polyimide filled FL207 ECTFE FL346
PTFE - Mineral filled FL238 ETFE - Magnetic black FL603
PTFE - Porous FL250 UHMWPE FL340
PTFE - Polymeric filled FL546    


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Medical & Pharmaceutical