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Company Values

Company Values

At Fluorocarbon we strive to differentiate our value proposition from that of our competitors through our ability to identify, understand and focus on the specific needs of our customers.

Fluorocarbon Primary Objectives

  • Improve current products, services, and processes to maintain current customer base
  • Introduce new products, services, and processes to attract new customers to Fluorocarbon
  • Build and promote equity into the Fluorocarbon brand to become the number one valued brand in the Precision Polymer market place.

Our core values of customer focus, high quality, and commitment ensure we differentiate from our competitors. We continually strive to:

  • Work with customers to build long-term partnerships to ensure mutual benefit 
  • Communicate our customer needs and expectations throughout the company
  • Meet then exceed customer expectations
  • Improve our performance and deliver on our promises and commitments
  • Deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers with the highest quality and service possible
  • Measure customer satisfaction and act on the results

“Creating Innovation - together”