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What is a Slide Bearing?

July 2020

A common problem with structures can be that due to a result of thermal, seismic, or differential force, the structure can end up moving. To counter this movement Slide Bearings are introduced into the structure.

Vision Machine Measuring System

March 2019

Our Metrology and Inspection Laboratory in Hertford just got bigger with the addition of a state of the art Vision Machine Measuring System.

Polymers replacing metals in the Aerospace Industry

August 2018

High-performance Polymers are quickly replacing metals in the Aerospace Industry.

Tensile Testing

March 2018

Tensile Testing

At Fluorocarbon, we test mechanical properties of various polymers (Fluoropolymers, Melt Processable Thermoplastics, Thermosets, Composites, etc.) in Universal Testing Machine to the Various International Standards Such as:

What are the benefits of using fillers in PTFE?

February 2018

What are the benefits of using fillers in PTFE?

PTFE is a tough, non-stick, low friction material. Because of its flexibility PTFE can creep and deform under heavy loads but this can be alleviated by adding filler. Fillers can also add other advantages such as improved thermal properties or increased wear resistance but which filler should you use?

Expansion to existing laboratory capabilities

January 2018

What does a Rheometer measure?

Understanding the importance of material behaviours in various critical and demanding applications is paramount to offering technically sound products and therefore Fluorocarbon has invested in a multipurpose Rheometer as an addition to existing laboratory capabilities...

Extrusion Gaps and Anti Extrusion Rings

November 2017

Extrusion Gaps and Anti Extrusion Rings

At Fluorocarbon we are dedicated to the specification and manufacture of high-performance seals and bearings to suit your application requirements. Seals can be provided in PTFE and filled PTFE materials designed to give enhanced performance...