PTFE Coatings

What is PTFE Coating?

What is PTFE coating?

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), the original fluoropolymer, is a tough yet flexible, material with great electrically insulating properties and excellent resistance to chemicals; it has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of any solid. PTFE coating is also referred to as Xylan® or Teflon®

The chemical resistance of PTFE is outstanding; there are no solvents which could dissolve PTFE at room temperature.

Properties such as chemical inertness, outstanding weathering & heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation and low co-efficient of friction enables PTFE to be exploited in a diverse range of applications such as Chemical Process Vessels, Pharmaceutical Process Equipment, Heat Seal Bars/ Platens and Food Processing Equipment. Many of our F-LON® PTFE coatings are suitable for food contact and potable water applications.

PTFE is usually applied as a thin film coating by liquid dispersion. Dry film thicknesses typically vary between 0.02mm and 0.05mm but can be tailored to your specific requirements such as increased abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity.

The successful application of such coatings relies on meticulous preparation including cleaning and surface preparation, which can be achieved by a number of possible methods that our experienced professionals deploy. The resultant mechanical bond between the substrate and coating relies on these processes being carried out correctly.

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