What is ETFE

What is Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene? (ETFE)

ETFE is a fluorine based plastic, and could be described as a tough high strength version of PTFE. It has excellent chemical, electrical and high energy radiation resistance and a relatively high melting temperature.

Properties such as chemical inertness, outstanding weathering & heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation and low coefficient of friction enable ETFE to be exploited in a diverse range of applications such as football stadium roofing, wire insulation, insulated transformers, and surface coatings. ETFE is less flexible than PTFE but has far superior abrasion resistance.

ETFE is a thermoplastic and can be injection moulded into very thin components or hot compression moulded into stock shapes such as Rod, Tube or Sheet.

Our FL300 material is commonly used in the production of Cathode Distance Strips.

ETFE is also used in the Aerospace industry, covering wire in high stress, low fume toxicity, and high-reliability situations along with the nuclear industry for tie or cable wraps.

Properties Value Units Method
Resistance to Weathering Excellent    
Processing Temperature 325-345 oC  
Tensile Strength @ 23oc





Elongation at Break @ 23oc 100-350 %  
Thermal Conductivity 0.137 Btu.in/h.ft2.oF ASTM C177
Coefficient of Friction 0.4   ASTM D1894
Impact Strength No Break    
Compressive Strength at 1% Deformation 10.3 MPa ASTM D695
Dielectric Strength 59 at 0.25mm thick KV.mm-1 ASTM D149
Melting Point 225-270 oC  
Service Temperature -100 to 250 oC  
Flame Rating + VE-0   UL94
Limiting Oxygen Index 30 % Oxygen ASTM D2863

The information in this table represents typical figures intended for reference and comparison purposes only 

Key features:

  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Outstanding Weathering Resistance
  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Excellent Electrical Insulative Properties
  • Low Coefficient of Friction 

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