Bespoke Fluid management

What are the Benefits of choosing a Bespoke Fluid Management Product?

Fluorocarbon is a global supplier of high-performance fluid handling products such as seals and hoses, designed to meet the demanding applications of aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and pharmaceutical (amongst others).

Many of the seals we supply are designed to suit industry standard grooves and assemblies; however, we also provide bespoke solutions in both product design and material specification.

Using the latest software, our team of Design Engineers can design, develop and specify a range of sealing and bearing components to meet the demands of a variety of applications. Design recommendations are further supported with product proposals, material data, tribology and analysis.

Case Histories:

Low friction Seats and Stem Seals

Through extensive material development, Fluorocarbon has introduced a low friction seat material, with low water absorption and cold flow rates reducing torque figures throughout valve life.

Welded Ball Valves

Large diameter welded ball valves can suffer from large body cavity expansion at high pressures. This creates higher than normal clearances and extrusion gaps, so Fluorocarbon designed a seal configuration which allows float of the anti-extrusion device, reducing the likelihood of material flow under pressure. At lower pressures, the anti-extrusion device is stowed and does not impede the cavity contraction.

Transmission Seals

Working with our customer on a new product development, Fluorocarbon designed a range of rotary shaft seals for the driveline of semi-amphibious military vehicles. All specially designed and developed to retain the transmission fluids, but also to prevent dirt and water ingress.

Drinks Dispenser

Following a number of unscheduled engineer call outs, Fluorocarbon was contacted to review and improve the seal arrangement on an OEM drinks dispenser. We developed a new aftermarket seal configuration and material which improved seal efficiency and increased service schedules from 6 months to 12 months

Bias Drill Transport Sleeve

Fluorocarbon were approached to improve a current ‘clam-shell’ bias unit protector, which had issues regarding product quality, re-usability and function. The resultant product was better quality, could be re-used and allowed a narrow range of product to be used on a wider range of units, resulting in lower unit prices.

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