Polymers reducing CO2 in the Aerospace industry

Polymers Reducing CO2 in the Aerospace Industry

If the weight of a single aircraft is reduced by just one kilogram it will produce 25 tons less carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime! 

The potential to reduce CO2 emissions means that manufacturers are constantly looking for lighter and more durable materials. Along with CO2 reduction, thermoplastics and other polymer materials also save costs and reduce fuel consumption making an extremely positive impact in the aerospace industry.

Beyond weight reduction, polymers deliver strong value in a variety of applications due to their unique characteristics. Polymers often provide better performance than metal components in terms of corrosion and fatigue resistance, insulative properties, and strength. The UK has a reputation as a global centre of excellence for the design and production of engines, helicopters, wings, structures, and aircraft systems (including landing gear) and these high performance materials are critical for sealing and insulation solutions, power management, fuel management, precision components, and vehicle integrity.

Polymers also have their benefits outside of traditional air travel too, clearly demonstrating their advantages in drones, unmanned aircraft, and autonomous air taxis. Drones are playing an increasing role in the UK in areas ranging from emergency services to construction and oil and gas. 

Due to the highly critical nature of aerospace and defence components, the manufacturing of these products must meet the highest level of quality and reliability. Fluorocarbon provides far more than just part production, with vertically integrated manufacturing, our team of design technicians, processors and experienced machinists use innovative technology and processes to manufacture the highest quality products and components. 

Typical Products:

Backed by extensive research and development, testing, and manufacturing capabilities, our design engineers work with our customers to provide products that meet the strict requirements and challenging specifications of the aerospace and defence market. 

In addition to our many qualifications and certifications, Fluorocarbon is proud to meet the stringent standards for AS9100 certification. AS9100 provides manufacturing suppliers with a comprehensive quality system for providing safe and reliable products. 

To find out how we can help your latest aerospace project contact info@fluorocarbon.co.uk

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