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Larger Capacity Space for Machined Components and Seals

Fluorocarbon are pleased to announce, we now have a larger capacity space for Machined Components and Seals.

Offering a comprehensive range of high performance plastic machining capabilities ranging from PTFE, PEEK, PFA, FEP and Nylons, to Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals and other specialist materials. We can provide the flexibility of manufacturing one off development prototype components to volume production batches.

Our site in Romania, operating from a purpose built production facility, holds a large number of machines and tooling to support the polymer and metal machining customer requirements, from conventional machining to CNC machining to Milling, Turning and Grinding.


The milling department has the capability of machining both simple and complex components on its CNC 4th axis machines, with the ability of machining relatively small components to large components covering a range up to 950mm x 500mm.


The turning department hold a number of lathes from conventional machines including CNC lathes with bar feeders to support volume production to lathes with live tooling and 4th axis, to support the manufacture of cost effective turned/milled components. With capabilities from 1mm to over 1500mm, we offer 3D milling that is supported by the latest CADcam connectivity.

Assembly Capabilities

The manufacturing department not only has the ability of machining components to drawing but can also provide a service of assembling machines components into sub-assemblies or final assemblies to support customer requirements.

Other Capabilities

Grinding - We offer grinding services, providing a high surface quality and narrow tolerances, which produces round rods that are easily further processed and are suitable for continuous production processes.

Annealing - Our annealing process involves the thermal treatment of semi-finished materials providing dimensionally stability during and following processing, meaning materials can also be better processed by machining.

De-burring – We provide a de-burring service, eliminating the flash that can remain after milling, grinding, or turning. De-burring improves the quality of the surface of the finished components.

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