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Expansion to Existing Laboratory Capabilities

Fluorocarbon manufactures 500+ polymer material grades for various Applications and Markets; this includes the custom formulation of high-temperature polymer compounds with various additives and fillers. This material development process involves extensive material evaluation phase in which material is characterised using mechanical, thermal and microscopic characterisation techniques. Understanding the importance of material behaviours in various critical and demanding applications is paramount to offering technically sound products and therefore Fluorocarbon has invested in a multipurpose Rheometer as an addition to existing laboratory capabilities.

Whenever a material flows or is being deformed, Rheology is involved. Rheology is the science of the flow and deformation behaviour.

When matter flows or is deformed there are three factors which must be considered: the internal structure, the external forces which act on the substance, and the environmental conditions.  (for example amorphous/crystalline, compression/extension, temperature/pressure)

What does a Rheometer measure?

Thermo-Mechanical Analysis, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis, Polymer Melt Rheology, Creep, Stress Relaxation & Fatigue Analysis

Temperature: 20°C to 450°C

Target Application Areas:

  • PTFE / Polymer Formulation Optimisation
  • New Formulation Development & Optimisation
  • Application Suitability and or Development Tests
  • Process Development & Optimisation
  • Thermal, Mechanical & Thermo-Mechanical Evaluation
  • Polymer Melt Rheology Analysis: To evaluate Stock Shape Extrusion, Hot Compression Moulding  & PTFE Sintering process. 

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