Fluorocarbon's onsite service averts major potential issues during recent load-out of heavy structure

April 2017

Fluorocarbon contributed to another successful load-out of a 6500 tonne Topside in Russia for the Vladimir Filanovsky Field development project recently by averting major potential issues during an on-site inspection visit.  The skid-beam top plates that had been installed as the foundation for the Fluoroglide® skidway plates showed signs of undulations, which would have prevented the Topside from being skidded out successfully. Instructions for rework were recommended by Fluorocarbon and undertaken onsite.

“The coordinated efforts of Fluorocarbon and the other professionals on site led to another successful load-out. After a full inspection, it was evident that the rippling effect would have prevented the Topside from skidding, with possible damage to the structure due to the high pulling forces being exerted.  Our on-site service visits are imperative to ensure satisfactory load-outs as it has to go ‘first time’, so it was extremely important I was on site before they commenced this particular load out”

Tom Savage, Fluorocarbon Ltd.

The Project Manager for Mammoet said "The operation went very smooth without any issues. Once on the barge, with a close to perfect skid beam, the friction values eventually dropped to 4.5% for ‘break-out’ with a new stroke, to 2.2% friction during the stroke."

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